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Uniscroll is a Web3 company providing decentralized solutions made for mass adoption.

NFT Solutions

We create affordable, unique experiences for lifestyle brands, gaming, and sports organizations. Experiences that won’t break the bank


Our Custom ISPO Reward programs and infrastructure are designed to put your brand and consumers first.

Web 3

With our partners and extensive professional network, we can help bring your creative ideas to life.


NFTs solutions


NFTs are for everyone! While some think they’re a fad, we firmly believe that every piece of content people consume in the future will be backed by some sort of smart contact or native asset. Many of these will be NFTs. 

In some cases NFTs can represent whole communities and brands while serving as their badge of honor, or identity. As an O-auth standard NFTs serve this purpose well and may even replace modern identity services

From access passes to your favorite concerts, to exclusive brand badges, NFTs can become the new status symbols!


To help you build a strong community and ensure a fair funding mechanism, we also offer ISPO setup as a service.


ISPO stands for initial stake pool offering, allowing you to distribute your project’s native assets to your audience in exchange for a portion of their expected ada staking rewards.



Web 3  

Build your idea into the brand you always dreamed of.

We provide the tools you need to build your brand into what you’ve always dreamt it could become.


With over a decade of experience working with creators and corporations, Uniscroll and its Web3 solutions can help you at any stage of your journey.


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